Friday, July 24, 2009

invisible floating bracelet !

First, let’s round up a few tools and materials. You’ll need your crimping pliers, wire cutters (or nail clippers), monofilament illusion (clear) cord (you’ll need enough of it for a very short necklace, even though we’re making a bracelet; you’ll see why later), silver crimp beads (be sure to use silver and not gold) and a small handful of crystal and iridescent Swarovski crystals of various shapes and sizes. Ready? Good!

You can bead with a single strand of it, or double it up for added strength (which I recommend). You’ll begin by adding one half of your clasp (I’ve used a magnetic clasp here, and since I use these often, I find it helpful to string outward while the magnetic clasps sticks to something metal) and your crimp bead. Once you’ve crimped your crimp bead, begin adding your crystals. Start with a smaller one, closer to your clasp. You’ll add a crimp bead, crimping it down into place, a crystal, then another crimp bead to secure the crystal. This part is just like a typical ‘floating’ necklace.

Continue adding your crystals and crimp beads, alternating between the plain crystal (I’ve used some faceted plain crystal here) and the iridescent ones. Space your beads close together, with enough distance for clear separation of the beads. Try to alternate between smaller crystals and larger ones for more dramatic effect.

Continue adding crystals to your cord and periodically check the length. I measured my bracelet around my neck. When the bracelet grew long enough to be a necklace that was tight around the circumference of my neck, I added the other half of my clasp and ended the bracelet.

The object is for your bracelet to loop around your wrist twice. Placing it on your wrist, one end will be shorter than the other. Wrap the excess bracelet around your wrist again and fasten your clasp.

And you're done.......Voila !!!

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