Thursday, December 18, 2008

● Some suggestions :

● If u r having a small tree ( a young one ) dont overload it cuz that will make it look really bad.give it a little decoration and remember whatever u r having should not b very big in size or it will b spotted out from far away.
● If ur tree is big a little decoration will give it the worst look , s try to fill it nicely.the decoration must not b like 10 balls r in one direction and just 2 in the other.the decoration must b equal at each side.
● Let ur pets not wander around ur tree or they will make ur tree all a mess.Cleaning your tree that day will i think not give u any pleasure , so, try to keep them away from the tree. u can use a leash for this cuz closing them in some place will not b a gud idea.I mean they also have the right to have fun specially at christmas.
For Decoration :
● U can make a Paper Snowman and hang it.
● U can also use nice bows made at home for this.
● U can use ping pong balls and paint them or cover them with ribbon,fabric or even gift wrapping smooth paper.
● u can make snowflakes out of paper and place them on the top of ur small highted tree or just hang them on one of the leaves if ur tree is big.
● U can make angels.
if u people have any other suggestions email me at : smartmanu95( @ )yahoo( . )co( . )in. thanks.

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  1. Nice to read yr suggestions.....thanks....crafting is my subject too.....share yr valuable ideas in future will certainly be helpfull for craft lovers.......